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Hip Trauma Reconstruction

What is Hip Trauma Reconstruction?

Hip trauma is an injury in the hip due to the impact caused by incidents such as a car accident or a hard fall. The injury can be a bone break or dislocation or both. 

Hip trauma reconstruction is the process of rebuilding and restoring the hip joint.

Indications for Hip Trauma Reconstruction

Major indications for hip trauma reconstruction include:

How to Prepare for the Procedure?

The preparation for the procedure might begin well in advance, with X-rays and other imaging tests like MRI of your hip. Subsequently, your surgeon may ask you to: 

How is Hip Trauma Reconstruction Performed?

Hip trauma reconstruction is performed with several approaches and may involve one or more of the following.

Hip Resurfacing

Hip Osteotomy

Hip Arthroscopy

Hip Arthroplasty

Risks Associated with the Procedure

The main risks associated with the procedure include but are not limited to:

What Precautions should be Taken as You Recover from the Procedure?

As you recover from the hip trauma reconstruction, you may be required to:  

Benefits of Hip Trauma Reconstruction

Hip trauma reconstruction can: 

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