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  • Welcome to Florida OrthoCare

  • Welcome to Florida OrthoCare

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  • Orthopaedics

    COMPREHENSIVE ORTHOPAEDIC AND SPINE CARE At Florida OrthoCare, our physicians have been providing quality orthopaedic care to the South Florida community for many years. We maintain only the highest standard of medical care and treatment by providing a comprehensive approach to your orthopedic and spine care needs. ¬†Each one of our physicians strives to maintain […]

  • Sports Medicine

    TREATING SPORTS RELATED INJURIES   Sports medicine is a field of medicine that involves illnesses or injuries that can result from exercise, physical activity, or sports. Sports-related injuries can be particularly debilitating, particularly if the player is a professional. Sports medicine can help to diagnose injuries properly, provide and recommend the best treatment plans, medicines, […]

  • Neurosurgery

    NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS, TREATMENT AND PAIN MANAGEMENT As captivating, powerful and critical as the human nervous system is, it is alarming to remember that there is an excess of 600 species of neurological disorders that can affect various segments of the nervous system. It is even more alarming to think that about 1 out of every […]

  • Regenerative Medicine

    UNDERSTANDING WHY REGENERATIVE MEDICINE IS THE FUTURE IN ORTHOPAEDIC CARE Stem Cell Orthopedic Therapy In the United States of America alone, there are currently more than 90,000 patients on the waiting list for organ transplants and a good chunk of these are elderly citizens. This is no surprise as aging has been found to increase […]

About Florida OrthoCare

Florida OrthoCare is a medical group dedicated to providing quality care to our patients to keep them active longer in life. With office locations in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade Counties, our goal is to serve all of your orthopedic needs in South Florida.

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