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Sports medicine is a field of medicine that involves illnesses or injuries that can result from exercise, physical activity, or sports. Sports-related injuries can be particularly debilitating, particularly if the player is a professional. Sports medicine can help to diagnose injuries properly, provide and recommend the best treatment plans, medicines, and even surgery if required.

Sports medicine can be classified into two different types. The first is the type that seeks to prevent injuries. This may be done through physical checkups or lab testing of the patients to determine fitness levels, and whether they should participate in extreme sports. Proper planning and analysis can be done to help prevent injuries.

Dealing with Sports-Related Injuries and Treatment


At Florida OrthoCare, our physicians are committed to reviewing the medical needs of each patient. If you or a loved one may be experiencing pain from a sports-related injury, our medical team is here to help. These may include being prescribed specific exercises, such as stretches or yoga, to help improve muscular movement. It may involve nutritional advice to ensure that every structure and system in the body has the nutrition it requires to function well. It may include other types of athletic training, physical therapy, and even sports psychology. Sports medicine may even involve losing weight in order to perform better at fitness.

The other branch is for patients who have suffered injuries through their lifestyle, sporting, or recreational activities. First aid will be provided, and injuries will be properly diagnosed. Specific treatment plans will be put in place to help aid the patient to recovery. They may also involve exercises or physical therapy, medications, supplements, and rest.

Sports medicine may even involve surgery if the body can’t adequately heal the injury. Often lingering pain or lack of movement are the two main reasons that surgery would need to be done.

A sports medicine clinic is more focused on sports-related injuries, though anyone with an injury related to neck or back pain, or joints or ligaments can book an appointment. Sports medical doctors are specialists who understand the types of injuries that a sports team member may suffer when playing football, soccer, or baseball. These types of doctors are extremely knowledgeable about sports training and athletic performance. These experts will have additional credentials in sports medicine that you’ll want to check out before you book your appointment.

Preventing Sports Injuries


Both the prevention of sports injuries and seeking immediate medical treatment at a sports medicine facility treatment center such as Florida OrthoCare are extremely important. While your family physician can provide basic treatment, if you want to get back into action, Florida OrthoCare will be happy to evaluate your care needs and accurately diagnose your pain or injury to help get you back to your favorite activities quickly.

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