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Driving Directions:

From Florida Turnpike:

            Head South on Florida’s Turnpike 

            Take exit 75 for FL-808/Glades Road (Toll Road)

            Use right 2 lanes to turn right onto FL-808 W/Glades Road

            1.4 mile Turn right 

            0.2 miles turn left

From I-95

From North:

            I-95 South to Exit 45 for FL-808/Glades Road

            Keep right at fork and Merge on to FL-808 W/Glades Road 4.4 miles

            Turn Right

            Turn Left into Glades Medical Center 

(561) 588-9912

9325 Glades Road, Suite 104, Boca Raton, Florida 33434

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Sprains and Strains

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