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Visionaire Knee Replacement

Arthritis Pain

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery involves the use of artificial implants to replace damaged bones and cartilage in the knee joint. The aim of surgery is to relieve pain and restore knee function. 

If a knee implant is not well-aligned or does not match your anatomy, it may be associated with complications such as:

Visionaire Patient Match Technology

Visionaire is an advanced surgical technology for a joint replacement that is based on the patient’s specific anatomy. Surgical instruments are designed according to X-ray, MRI or CT scan images of your knee joint. This includes cutting guides that specify where exactly the bone needs to be cut so that the implant can be precisely positioned. Proper placement of the implant results in better knee function and a longer-lasting knee replacement.

Procedure for Visionaire Knee Replacement 

The cutting guides for your knee replacement are prepared in the following manner:

It takes about 3 to 6 weeks following the initial imaging studies to prepare the cutting guides for your surgeon to perform the surgery.

Benefits of Visionaire Knee Replacement

This customized system of knee replacement has many advantages over the traditional knee replacement technique including:

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