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Outpatient Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

What is Outpatient Anterior Approach Hip Replacement?

With improved technology and advances in anesthesia and pain control, hip replacement surgery has evolved and is now being offered in an outpatient setting.

Outpatient anterior approach hip replacement refers to surgery accessed from in front of the hip in an outpatient setting. It is a minimally invasive procedure that has been developed to cause less muscle damage, faster recovery, and less disruption in a patient’s life.

This outpatient (same-day) procedure aims at replacing a damaged hip joint affected by arthritis or a severe fracture with an artificial implant (prosthesis) made of metal, plastic, or ceramic.

Who is a Candidate for Outpatient Anterior Hip Replacement?

Not all patients are candidates for outpatient surgery. The criteria required to qualify for an outpatient anterior hip replacement, include:

Benefits of Outpatient Surgery

As it is an outpatient surgery, you will be discharged home the same day after your anesthesia wears off. Recovering from home means leaving the hospital setting and getting to recuperate in the comfort of your own home. You will progress better in a familiar home environment where you are more likely to receive good care and a good night’s sleep.

Some of the benefits of outpatient surgery include:

Indications for Outpatient Anterior Hip Replacement

Indications for outpatient anterior approach hip replacement is linked to the failure of conservative management to treat conditions, such as:

Signs and Symptoms Necessitating Outpatient Anterior Hip Replacement

Signs and symptoms that prompt outpatient anterior hip replacement include:

Preparation for Surgery

Your doctor will explain the preparation in detail and obtain information from you about:

Your doctor will also discuss about:

Procedure for Outpatient Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

The operation is performed in an outpatient setting under anesthesia with you lying on the operating table in a face upwards position. In general, your surgeon will:

Postoperative Care and Instructions

After surgery, you will be transferred to the recovery area where you will rest until you are discharged. You will be given pain medications to ease pain. You may have to wear stockings to prevent blood pooling in your legs. You will be able to do light activities within a couple of weeks. You will also be given postoperative instructions, such as:

Risks and Complications of Outpatient Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Outpatient anterior approach hip replacement is a relatively safe procedure; however, as with any surgery, it does carry some risks, such as:

Benefits of Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Benefits of Outpatient Anterior Approach Hip Replacement include:

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