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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Options

orthopedic rehab

Whether you are a division one athlete recovering from a torn ACL or are just trying to complete day-to-day activities with a hand injury, orthopedic rehabilitation is well worth it for you. Physical therapists perform a biomechanical musculoskeletal exam in order to pinpoint your injury, and why you are having pain or restricted mobility. Techniques for recovery are customized patient-by-patient in order to ensure maximum efficiency for the customer. Physical therapists try to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible through orthopedic rehabilitation.

There are many different types of orthopedic rehab options that suit you based on your injury. Orthopedic rehabilitation centers offer activities of daily living, which is designed to benefit any patient suffering from an orthopedic, neurological or sensory deficit. This encompasses all activities that are necessary in their day-to-day life (such as requirements for work, chores around the house, etc.).

Foot and ankle therapy are offered to patients who have suffered foot or ankle injuries. The physical therapist assigns exercises designed to help you address any movement restrictions. These include body weight exercises, such as single leg squats, or weighted exercises, such as strapped ankle curls. After your session you will be using cryotherapy through ice machines to help with the swelling.

Knee therapy are for patients who sustained mild or severe knee injuries, regardless of age or athletic stature. The goal of knee therapy is to build your strength back up in your knee to allow you to do what you were doing preinjury. You will do this through different exercises such as stability platform squats, range of motion work, side lunges, and much more. Orthopedic rehab consists of constant treatment adjustments to enhance your experience and accelerate your recovery time depending on your body’s feedback.

Another unique branch of orthopedic rehabilitation is Pilates. The Pilates treatment method addresses your whole-body alignment, flexibility, posture, balance, and mind through core stability, including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization and neutral spinal alignment with proper breathing techniques. While this may sound complicated, it is one of the most effective ways of improving your overall health. The goal of Pilates is to achieve your peak performance level, whether that be on the field or in your day-to-day life.

Shoulder physical therapy consists of ongoing treatment that bolsters the surrounding muscles in your shoulder region. Stronger small muscles in your shoulder will help compensate for your shoulder injury until it heals and will prevent injuries in the future. When suffering from an array of different injuries, be sure to visit your physical therapist so that they can offer you orthopedic rehabilitation to get you back on your feet in no time.

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